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Specialty Drum Heaters / Coolers

Specialty Drum Heaters / Coolers

Versatile Drum Heater / Cooler Combos

Our specialty Platecoil Drum Heater or Cooler Combo unit makes indirect contact with the contained liquid, making them a great choice for steady heating or cooling. Ideal for use in most hazardous areas, but it's important to first know what's being heated or cooled.
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Product Code: E-55NH

Price: $1,090.00


Product Code: E-55

Price: $1,228.85


Product Code: M-55

Price: $3,585.95


Product Code: CRP55

Price: $4,518.55


Product Code: DIH191

Price: $1,595.00


Product Code: DIH192

Price: $1,750.00


Product Code: E-30

Price: $1,135.00


Product Code: E-16

Price: $1,015.85


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