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Specialty Drum Heaters / Coolers

Specialty Drum Heaters / Coolers

Versatile Drum Heater / Cooler Combos

Our specialty Platecoil Drum Heater or Cooler Combo unit makes indirect contact with the contained liquid, making them a great choice for steady heating or cooling. Ideal for use in most hazardous areas, but it's important to first know what's being heated or cooled.

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Platecoil Heater or Cooler - Painted Carbon Steel - 55 Gallon

Platecoil Heater or Cooler - Painted Carbon Steel - 55 Gallon

Product Code: CLH55-3

Price: $4,085.00

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The Platecoil drum warmer is designed for use with steam, hot water, hot oil, or high temperature heat transfer liquids. The Platecoil is equally adaptable for cooling by using cold water or a refrigerant. This painted carbon steel unit has a Tranter Blue exterior, with a Thermaline® painted finish that offers excellent resistance to thermal shock and good weathering and color stability.

This warmer combines three external clamp on style units. Each unit is two platecoil panels hinged together for an expandable opening, and is secured in place with a quick acting toggle clamps on the top and bottom unit. The units are combined into one assembly by means of welded-on tie bars and jumpers. The Platecoil drum warmer units are 18/16 gauge carbon steel with a smooth inner panel for efficient heat transfer. The Platecoil warmer measures 22 3/4 inch diameter, for use with a 55 gallon closed head steel drum. 

A single section unit will heat a 55 gallon steel closed drum from 60° F to 160° F in 4 hours using 150 psig steam. Attach a hose or pipe to the standard 1/2 inch IPS (iron pipe size) female inlet and outlet pipe couplings. 

  • Ideal for use in hazardous areas
  • Use with steam, water, hot oil, heat transfer liquids or refrigerant
  • Maximum recommended operating pressure: 150 psig
  • 55 gallon
    Hinged Section Style
    69 lbs.