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Drum Deheaders

What You Need to Cut the Top and/or Bottom off a Closed-head Drum

You need the right drum manual or electric drum deheader tool. To choose the right tool, you first need to know if anything is in the drum - for instance, if the drum contains flammable vapors. Also, what is your intention for the drum? To dispose of it as scrap metal or to make it a trash can or other type of usable container?

By using a manual or electric drum deheading tool you can have a choice of disposing of your drum as scrap metal or turning it into a trash can or another type of usable container.

Warning - using incorrect tools can be dangerous

Why put yourself in harms way by using tools not designed to do the job correctly? 

You could cut off the drum top with a cutting torch (very dangerous if the drum contains flammable vapors) or use a saws-all (same dangers apply), but either method could take a lot of time and all you would have left is a piece of scrap metal.

Hand Operated Deheaders 

  • The logical and economical choice for low volume, occasional use, deheading up to 10 drums per week.

  • Several styles to choose from, including the option of a non-sparking blade for deheading drums that may contain flammable vapors.

  • Never attempt to dehead a drum containing flammable vapors with a standard deheader - it could cause an explosion. Use a manual deheader with a non-sparking blade or a non-ferrous cutting wheel when working in a flammable area.

Wiz-Kid® Electric Drum Deheaders

  • A good choice for the operator who deheads up to 25 drums per week.  

  • After adjusting the unit, a few self-powered trips around the drum head allows the lid to break free.

  • Wiz-Kid® Electrics are not lightning fast but they are faster than a manual deheader.

  • A "hands-safe" edge is left to help minimize accidents.

Industrial Air / Electric Deheaders 

  • Choose one of these for deheading more than 25 drums per week.

  • In less than one minute, these super machines power themselves around a drum making a smooth, continuous cut

  • A "hands-safe" edge is left to help minimize accidents.  

  • Turn your drums into reusable containers or quickly make them ready for disposal.

  • Non-ferrous cutting wheels are available for use in flammable areas.

Dechiming Fiber Drums

  •  Wiz Kid Portable Fiber Drum Dechimer will dechime up to 25 drums per week

  • High volume Stationary Fiber Drum Dechimer will dechime more than 50 fiber drums per day.

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