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Metal Band Heaters

Metal Band Heaters

Pointers for Choosing the Right Metal Band Heater

Metal band heaters are used to warm the contents of a drum or pail so it can be poured. These heaters contain electrical heating elements inside a metal sheath. Before you use a metal band heater, you need to know what type of drum or pail the contents are in and what temperature the contents can tolerate.

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EXPO Water Evaporation/Reduction Heater - For 55 Gallon Steel Drums

EXPO Water Evaporation/Reduction Heater - For 55 Gallon Steel Drums

Product Code: WBO55

Price: $365.00

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This heater fits standard 55 gallon steel drums it is designed to reduce the amount of water by accelerating the evaporation rate.The evaporation reduction heater with rugged aluminized steel housing, is equipped with a thermostat and resettable high limit cut off switch. When the water based material is reduced below the drum heater, the high limit switch will activate shutting off the heater.

Once the container is refilled, you will need to manually reset the heater by pressing the black reset button located on the front panel. The thermostat range is 70ºF – 250ºF and operates on 240V, 1-Phase, 3,000 watts. Heater supplied with 6 foot cord and high ampere plug.

55 gallon
6-15 P
Output 3000W @ 240V
70 - 250° F
240V @ 60 Hz
15 lb
22 1/2"
5 1/4"

Note: Not for use with flammable materials or in hazardous areas.

Note: Not for use with plastic drums or drums that contain a plastic liner. The baked on epoxy phenolic lining in lined steel drums will discolor if liquid is allowed to fall below the level of the heater. EPA Regulations require the user to ensure that the waste material being reduced will not release toxic material into the atmosphere.