Silicon Rubber Band

Silicon Rubber Band

Silicone Rubber Band Heaters

Silicone Rubber Band Heaters have electrical heating elements inside a rubber sheath, making them well suited to use with many types of plastic drums and pails.  Before you use a silicone rubber band heater, you need to know what type of drum or pail the contents are in and what temperature the contents can tolerate.

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Silicone Rubber Steel Drum Heater - 3 Inch Wide - 30 Gallon

Silicone Rubber Steel Drum Heater - 3 Inch Wide - 30 Gallon

Product Code: SDH30120-3

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Tempco flexible 30 gallon steel drum (18 inch diameter) heaters are the economical choice for heating liquids in steel drums. Vulcanized 3-layer silicone rubber construction is reinforced with fiberglass, making it tough, long lasting, and resistant to a wide range of chemicals.

Versatile and inexpensive!

  • Complete with adjustable thermostat
  • UL/cUL Recognized
  • 6.25
    50-425 degrees F
    Steel drum 18" diameter (30 gallon)
    4 lb

Non-stick silicone rubber surface is easy to clean.

When not in use, the heater can be rolled for convenient storage.

Use one heater on the lower third of the drum or attach more heaters to the container to increase wattage and speed up the heating process.

This 120 volt model is supplied with 6 foot cord with standard three-pronged plug.

This silicone heater is 52 inches long and 3 inches wide.

Containers with an outer diameter ± 1/2 inch of the 18 inch steel drum requires a custom made heater. Call our Customer Service Experts at 918-427-3600 for details.

Note: This heater is not for use with plastic drums or drums that contain a removable plastic liner.

Caution: Allowing liquid in a container to fall below the level of the heater will render the heater ineffective and could irreparably damage the baked on epoxy phenolic lining in lined steel drums.