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55 Gallon Drum Gauge Stick

55 Gallon Drum Gauge Stick
Simple, reliable gauge stick is calibrated in gallons for both vertical and horizontal drums. Hardwood stick has heavy clear-coat finish for long service life. 1/2" x 1/2" x 54" long.  

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Accurate At-A-Glance Gauge - 55 Gallon With 2 Inch NPS

Accurate At-A-Glance Gauge - 55 Gallon With 2 Inch NPS

Product Code: FG20V55

Price: $35.00 Per Each

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At-A-Glance gauges have a red indicator and black calibrations in gallons, liters, quarters and eighths on a yellow background making the gauge easy to read in all weather conditions.

Internal Rods are galvanized steel and the gasket is duro nitrile. The float is HDPE plastic and the bushing is aluminum.

Choose the model that is chemically compatible with your product.

  • Rod: Galvanized steel
  • Float: HDPE
  • Rivets: Brass
  • Bushing: Aluminum

This At-A-Glance gauge is the economical choice for measuring the contents of your 55 gallon steel or plastic drums with a 2 inch NPS opening. Leak-proof and reliable, the simple design stays accurate and is built to last.


Gauges for horizontal drums and tanks of all sizes are available by special order. Call our Customer Service Experts at (918)427-3600 for details.