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Plastic Combo Units with lids

Life-Latch® Container Systems

This is a unique pail solution. Instead of having to buy a pail, select a lid and buy a pail opener; with the Life-Latch® containers you get it all in one attractive easy-to-use enclosure. The unit includes the reusable plastic pail with built-on plastic handle, and a removable and reusable plastic cover. The cover employs a Life-Latch® trigger mechanism to automatically secure the lid when closing, and has an easy finger-activated release to allow the cover to be opened. These are available in eight different sizes, are UN and DOT-35 approved, and are fully child-resistant and senior friendly. Pails and covers are made of prime virgin HDPE and triggers of prime virgin polypropylene. Pails are white and covers are available in three standard colors: white, red and blue.

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Economy 5 gallon Pail (Re-Cycled)

Product Code: MM5.0-GRY-Rg

1-111 112-223 224-335 336 +
$7.95   $7.85   $7.55   $7.00  

Shipping: $5.95

Economical 5 gallon pail with lid. Made from reground recycled polymer Grey plastic pail.These could be black pails also depending on where the Mfg. is with production. Comes with lid