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Sethco High Output Electric and Air Drum Pumps

  • Deliver up to 43 gallons per minute
  • Handle wide range of chemicals, viscosity up to 4,000 SSU (800 CPS)
  • Seal-Less design can run dry for short periods without damage
  • Choice of Polypropylene, Stainless Steel, and Kynar® (PVDF)
Sethco pumps deliver performance. All pumps have 40â€Â long*, 1-15/16" diameter pump tubes for maximum flow, handle liquids with specific gravity up to 1.86. Fits through 2" NPT bung opening. Choose from three pump constructions:
Polypropylene pump tubes handle acids and other corrosive chemicals, have Hastelloy C® shaft, Teflon® and Viton® seals. Bottom inlet strainer, 10â€â„¢ x 1" ID clear vinyl discharge hose. Kynar® (PVDF) pump tubes handle most organic solvents, freon, chlorines, alkalies. With Hastelloy C® shaft, Kynar® and Teflon® seals. 1" discharge outlet.
Stainless Steel pump tubes have Carpenter 20 alloy shaft, Kynar® and Teflon® seals. 3/4" NPT and 1-1/4" ID discharge outlets.
Standard Electric Motor is 1150 watts, 115V, single phase, double insulated ODP. Delivers up to 43 gallons per minute (depending on pump tube) and up to 39̢ۉ㢠maximum discharge head. Large handle grip. Supplied with 15̢ۉ㢠power cord, plug and on-off switch. Safety manual reset circuit breaker.
Explosion-Proof Electric Motor operates on 115V, single phase. Built-in switch, internal thermal overload device, and easy-carry handles. Delivers up to 35 gallons per minute and up to 37̢ۉ㢠maximum discharge head. Supplied with 15̢ۉ㢠of 3-wire power cord (no plug). UL Listed "Portable" Class 1, Groups C and D.
Air Motor uses 16 CFM @ 100 psi, delivers up to 25 gallons per minute and up to 23̢ۉ㢠maximum discharge head. Supplied with inlet air control speed valve and muffler.

* Special pump tube lengths up to 96" are available.

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Sethco 28 Inch Magnetic Drive Pump Tube

Product Code: GMC28

Price: $586.45 Per Each

Qty  Each
Shipping: $5.95

This unique chemical pump uses a magnetic coupling, there is no physical connection between motor and pump for very quiet and reliable service. Two permanent ceramic magnets drive the pump. One is attached to the motor shaft, the other to the pump impeller. This 28 inch magnetic drive pump tube with 1 2/3 inch diameter (widest point) fits 15 - 30 gallon drums. Ruggedly built for continuous service, the self-priming, vibration-free, pump tube is constructed of CPVC Polypropylene, Viton® seal, Carpenter 20 shaft, with a discharge connection for a 3/4 inch inner diameter hose. 

This pump tube has a maximum flow of 35 GPM, maximum head gravity 39 feet, and maximum specific gravity 1.86. Handles liquid viscosity up to 4000 SSU (850 cps), with a maximum operating temperature of 130° F. Suggested handling of acids, alkalies and all types of corrosive aqueous solutions to 130° F. Always check chemical compatibility for product being pumped.

  • Flows to 14 GPM
  • Leakproof, continuous duty rated
  • Self priming

Motors (SKUs: TE, TD, or AM, sold separately) can be switched from pump to pump quickly and easily, so one motor can serve several pump tubes.

Optional Hand Flow Regulator (SKU FR120) for hand control flow and filling of containers without spilling is available.

Bung Adapter (sold separately) is available. Please order with pump. Call our Customer Service Experts at 1-918-427-3600 for details.

Shown GMC40 Pump Tube with TD Motor

Carpenter 20
Tube Length: 
2 lb
CPVC-Polypropylene pump

Drum Pumps

Max. Flow: 
35 GPM