Safety and Economy FM-Approved Drum Pump

  • For flammables and combustibles
  • Complete with bonding and grounding wires
  • Choice of carbon steel or 316 stainless
These economical pumps are loaded with features. Supplied with 2” NPT bung adapter, fits 15 â€" 55 gallon drums. Built-in bonding and grounding wires are equipped with heavy-duty alligator clips. Delivers 8 ounces per stroke. Carbon Steel Pump has highly polished carbon steel body with Teflon® piston, packing and gasket. Plated steel suction tube with internal flame arrestor. Stainless Steel Pump uses 316 stainless steel for all metal parts. Teflon® piston, packing, and gasket. Replacement Kit includes pre-assembled handle/piston, threaded head and all internal part. Adjustable Metering Collar slips over handle to permit repeatable strokes from 2 ounces to 8 ounces.

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Safety drum pump - carbon steel

Product Code: P55TS

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Shipping: $5.95

Weight - 5 lbs