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IBC Tanks and Totes

Points to Help You Choose the Right IBC

1.Identify the type of IBC container you need:

  • IBC Tank
  • Flexible IBC Tank (Intermediate Bulk Container)
  • IBC Tote (stackable)
  • Remcon IBC
  • Storage and Dispensing Systems
2. Identify the container material (steel, stainless steel, or plastic)

3. Container Size/Capacity

4. UN Rating required for hazardous materials
5. FDA Compliant â€" containers used in food service, for example, must be FDA compliant.
6. Identify Accessories Needed (leg kit, plumbing kit, drip tray kit, more)
7. Pallet type (plastic, wood, composite)  - Pallet Choice is Required for Some Products

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Product Code: LS2-275-FF

Price: $189.00 Per Each


Product Code: LS2VALVE

Price: $97.50 Per Each


Product Code: LS2BRIDGE

Price: $107.00 Per Each


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