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Bung Wrenches

The bung wrench is an industrial tool which is typically used to open 55-gallon drums. When a 55-gallon drum is unopened the contents could be under great pressure. If a drum lid is taken off without precaution and the proper tool the pressure may escape suddenly and violently, causing injury to a person. We offer the top of the line bung wrenches. You will not be disappointed in our quality products. Call us anytime for questions about which product is right for you. 

DrillWhiz  2

DrillWhiz 2" Bung Tool - Aluminum

Product Code: DRWH2

Price: $38.25

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When used with an electric drill, the DrillWhiz is the ideal tool for opening Tri-Sure and Rieke 2 inch round or hex-head steel drum plugs and most plastic plugs on a regular basis. For ultimate portability, attach the DrillWhiz to a cordless drill and open drums even in remote areas far removed from sources of air or electric power.

Remove the center shaft and insert a 3/8 inch drive manual torque wrench to tighten the 2 inch bung to the specified torque required for shipping UN regulated product.

  • Lightweight 2 in 1 tool
  • Aircraft aluminum 2024 body with anodized finish
  • Removable steel shaft
  • 2" bung removal tool
    3.3 oz.
    2 3/8"

Note: Not for use in flammable or explosive areas. Use only manual torque wrenches with the DrillWhiz to meet torque requirements.

Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s closing instructions to be in compliance with the container supplier’s torque requirements.