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4G Packaging for Quart Paint Cans with Foam

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Hazmat Packaging With Two - 1 Quart Paint Cans

Hazmat Packaging With Two - 1 Quart Paint Cans

Product Code: 4G-2Q

1-119 120 +
$8.60   $8.10  

Shipping: $5.95

Hazmat packaging contains a pre-assembled carton, two - 1 quart paint cans, lids, locking rings and foam to hold containers securely. Certified to meet UN and UPS requirements and is UN Rated 4G/X8.5/S.

For sea and ground shipments.

To ship air you MUST use poly bag and absorbents.

All 4G Materials + 2 - 1 quart Cans and 2 Plugs
10 1/4"
5 1/8"
6 3/16"