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Eagle-Grip Heavy-Duty Drum Grabber - Double Drum - Single Clamp

Eagle-Grip Heavy-Duty Drum Grabber - Double Drum - Single Clamp

Product Code: EG3SCM2-F

Price: $3,244.85 Per Each

Qty  Each
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American craftsmanship allows these units to accurately and consistently handle virtually any steel, plastic, or fiber drum regardless of size. They achieve this by lifting the drum by its chime (lip) which is the strongest point on any drum.

If you're handling over 300+ drums per month these drum grabbers are built to do the job and ensure dependable drum handling for many years. The units will operate as quickly as the forks can be lifted and will never release the drum until it is rested on the ground.

  • Drum grabber handles virtually any drum regardless of size or type
  • Fits on forks of any lift truck with easy on/off safety chains
  • All mechanical attachments require no hydraulics or battery power
  • Fork
    3000 lb
    380 lb
    37" H x 47" L x 41" W