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Easy Lift Economy Drum Transporter - Scale Model

Easy Lift Economy Drum Transporter - Scale Model

Product Code: ELE800-S

Price: $4,820.00 Per Each

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The Easy Lift Economy Drum Transporter can eliminate strained backs, pinched fingers and other injuries associated with manhandling drums on and off pallets, floor scales and secondary containment pallets. The easy lift drum handler can handle any size plastic, fiber or steel chimed drums of any height raising to a full 20 inches.

This scale model drum handler includes stainless steel Doran indicators for non-intrinsically safe or intrinsically safe applications. The scale  provides weighing of drums without the need for floor scales. Scales are accurate and perfect for pumping out of drums by weight.

The convenient foot pedal arrangement is user friendly for all operators and lifts drums 1/2 inch per stroke of the foot pedal. The direct lift concept of the hydraulic cylinder to the load being lifted requires minimal foot pounds applied to the lift pedal. The smaller pedal is pressure sensitive to provide a controlled descent when pressure is applied. The 5 inch x 2 inch swivel casters are equipped with lever locks to keep the machine from rolling when not in use.

The easy lift drum transporter is supplied with an single clamping mechanism (EG1 or Eagle Grip I). This clamping mechanism automatically latches on the drum chime when being elevated for transport. The clamping mechanism is fully adjustable for shorter height drums.The Eagle Grip 1 clamping mechanism and foot operated manual lift, quickly and safely lifts drums weighing up to 800 lb.

Gets you (and your drums) in and out of tight spaces!

  • Lifts and transports steel, poly, and fiber drums
  • 20 inch lift height
  • 800 lb capacity
  • Standard model with Doran Scale indicators
    375 lb