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Kontrol Karrier

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MORSE Power Tilt Kontrol Karrier - 1500 lb. Capacity - Electric

MORSE Power Tilt Kontrol Karrier - 1500 lb. Capacity - Electric

Product Code: 195-230

Price: $5,780.00 Per Each

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Electric powered tilt control model has a 2-button pendant for forward and reverse on a 7 foot cord. This electric motor is 1/3 HP, 230V, 3-phase. Use with a monorail or crane for the heaviest drum lifting and dumping tasks.

Provides controlled drum tilt of 360° in both directions. It takes just 15 seconds to fully invert a drum from upright position. Power Tilt Kontrol Karrier has 1500 lb capacity or an 800 lb half drum capacity. A half full drum will be unbalanced and bottom heavy so when you tilt it, the load shifts differently than if it were a full drum.

Electric 230V, 3-Phase
540 lb

The drum holder on this unit is a web strap and ratchet. It is sized to handle a 22 1/2 inch diameter 55 gallon steel drum. Use the web strap and ratchet mechanism to secure around the drum.

Spark Resistant Air Model available through special order.

Options available include: Diameter adapters for smaller drums and Bracket (Product code 4556-P) for handling plastic drums.

Note: Not every style and size option will work with every MORSE unit. Call our Customer Service Experts at 918-427-3600 for assistance with selecting options.

Shown 195-115