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ustrite 2 Inch Safety Drum Vent - Vertical (Dual-Action)

ustrite 2 Inch Safety Drum Vent - Vertical (Dual-Action)

Product Code: 100P

Price: $45.00 Per Each

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This high density polyethylene 2 inch vertical safety vent with plated steel flame arrestor is a good choice when storing or working with petroleum-based chemicals. Automatically vents pressure build-up between 3 and 8 psi (30 to 55 kPa) and relieves vacuum for chug-free dispensing or draining of drums.
  • Automatic venting
  • Built-in plated steel flame arrestor
  • 2 inch male threads fit 2 inch NPS bung openings
  • 2 inch
    Vertical drum vent, 2"
    1 lb
    Polyethylene vent with plated steel flame arrestor

Drums of flammable liquids exposed to heat or fire will build-up pressure and can rupture the drum and fuel the fire. An automatic safety vent prevents that from happening by constantly venting the drum and its built-in flame arrestor prevents "flashback” ignition of the vented vapor to the drum contents.

Use this safety vent with a horizontal drum by attaching an optional 2 inch adapter (Product code 8011) or a 3/4 inch adaptor (Product code 8015).

To use this safety vent with a 3/4 inch bung opening on a vertically position drum, attach the optional vertical adapter (Product code RM05431).