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IFH Oil Storage and Dispensing Systems

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IFH Oil Storage and Dispensing System With Nine - 65 Gallon Containers - Outboard Console

IFH Oil Storage and Dispensing System With Nine - 65 Gallon Containers - Outboard Console

Product Code: COS1509

Price: $7,698.45 Per Each

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IFH Oil Storage and Dispensing System provides centralized, streamlined fluid storage and dispensing solutions and takes up less space. The clear 1 inch PVC tubing connects containers to the outboard dispensing console located at the front of the storage and dispensing system.

The 65 gallon capacity containers are powder-coated mild steel that remain permanently on the racking. Each of the six, 65-gallon containers have liquid level sight gauges allowing you to track inventory and screened vents at the top to eliminate product contamination.

Includes bronze gear, positive displacement pump. This self priming pump and suction tube vacuums all of the product out of the drum. Saves time and clears lines of product for shorter cleanup time.

The lockable 3/4 inch self-closing faucets ensure smooth controllable flow of product.

Drip pan catches spills and provides a space to store oily cans.

  • Free product identification plates are provided for each storage container
  • 18 gauge steel tanks with 16 gauge heads
  • Expandable heavy gauge racking
  • Outboard
    3 rows of 3
    26 Sq. Ft.
    940 lb

    Container Features

    Oil Storage

Important warning: IFH Oil Storage and Dispensing Systems are designed for storage of lubricating oils and other products with a flash point greater than 150°F. Storage of liquids with flash point less than 150°F is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

To make sure the container is compatible with the product, customers must provide the chemical MSDS sheet that is provided by the Chemical Manufacturer to check compatibility.