Enclosed Pallets/Storage

Choosing the Right Enclosed Drum Protection

Questions to help you decide:
  1. Need enclosed protection for just one drum, or as many as 96?

  2. Will the drums be stored outside or inside?

  3. What frequency and  type of access is required?

  4. Does the secondary containment unit need to be forkliftable?

  5. What sump capacity is required?

  6. Is top or side access better for your needs?


Based on your answers to the questions above, review the specifications for each enclosed Pallet/Storage product to determine which is the right one for you. If you need assistance or have questions, contact our Customer Service Experts who will be pleased to help you.

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Enclosed 24 Drum Storage Units With Sump- Single Depth

Enclosed 24 Drum Storage Units With Sump- Single Depth

Product Code: L39-3141

Price: Based on Selection

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24 drum storage keeps hazardous material drums safely out of your plant. Single-Depth System permits access to drums from front only. Sliding Doors are standard on 27' long systems. Lockable sliding doors eliminate need for extra room for swinging doors in front or to the sides.

Ideal for crowded areas or along aisles. Full-face doors permit complete access without physically entering the structure.

Heavy gauge welded tubular steel frame with galvannealed (thermally fused layer of zinc) sides and roof. Welded steel sump with removable galvanized steel grating.

Built-in passive ventilation system. Durable, corrosion- and weather-resistant blue finish.

  • Store hazardous material drums outside
  • Secondary containment complies fully with EPA requirements
  • Avoids complicated "confined space" regulations
  • 27' x 5' x 9'
    26' x 4'-2" x 7'-6"
    5400 lbs.

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