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OilSorb Spill Kits

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95 Gallon OilSorb Plus Spill Response Kit

95 Gallon OilSorb Plus Spill Response Kit

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OilSorb Plus Spill Kit contains: one UN rated (1H2/X345/S) 95 gallon plastic over-pack drum with cover, 49 socks (3 inch x 48 inch), 60 pads (15 inch x 19 inch), 9 pillows (18 inch x 18 inch), 10 disposal bags with wire ties, 10 warning labels, 1 hazmat response guidebook and spill kit instructions. The kit also contains 2 pairs of nitrile chemical gloves, 2 pairs of chemical goggles and 2 Tyvek coveralls (XL).

OilSorb Spill Kits work with oils, fuels, lubricants and other hydrocarbon fluids. 100% polypropylene sorbent soaks up to 16 times its weight. Incinerates completely.

OilSorb Plus spill kit
139 lbs.
80 gallon
32 1/4" Top
41 1/4"

Economical refill kits (SKU RK95OSP) let you buy just what you need.