IBC Containment

IBC Containment

What You Need to Capture IBC Spills and Leaks

IBC spills can be extremely serious. You need to prevent them from happening. That why the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) requires containment systems to prevent spills or leaks that could escape into the environment or endanger personnel.

Take the Proper Precautions

Sure, your drums and pails are solid and tight, and you're not expecting a problem. But accidents happen. Nobody wants spills or leaks to escape into the environment or endanger personnel.

What is Secondary Containment?

It is the means of capturing a spill, leak or drip from a package. Whether it's a pallet, tray, basin, or deck, all containment systems must have three basic design features to comply with EPA 40 CFR 264.175:

  • According to the EPA, they must be "leak-proof and sufficiently impervious to the liquid container to contain leaks, spills, and accumulated precipitation until the collected material is detected and removed."

  • They must be "designed and operated to drain and remove liquids from the leak, spill, or precipitation, unless the containers are elevated or are otherwise protected from the accumulated liquid."

  • They must "have the capacity to contain 10% of the total volume of all containers stored, or 100% of the volume of the largest single container, whichever is greater."

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Ultra IBC Spill Pallet Plus

Product Code: SP1157

Price: $1,138.25

Shipping: $5.95

Ultra low profile IBC Spill Pallet Plus® has an overall height of just 28 inches, which allows for safe and convenient IBC tank handling and dispensing. The large 62 inch L x 62 inch W x 28 inch H  deck allows for convenient placement of IBC tanks.

  • 360 gallon sump capacity meets EPA Container Storage Regulations
  • All polyethylene construction offers excellent chemical resistance
  • Forkliftable
  • 8,500 lb UDL
  • Large 52 inch x 52 inch usable grating surface
  • IBC Spill Pallet
    280 lb

This unit does not have a drain.