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Spill Decks

How to Choose the Right Deck for Your Containers

First, identify how many containers you have, what sizes, and what is inside. Determine whether individual decks are required or perhaps  decks holding 2, 4, 6 or 8 containers would be better for your facility. Do you need a ramp for loading? Does the deck need to be forkliftable? 

Questions to Help You Choose the Right Decks

  1. BASCO Ultra Spill Deck

    How many containers do you have and what is being done with them? Are they in storage, part of a workflow process, or perhaps being prepared for shipment?

  2. What size or sizes are the containers?  You will need to calculate how many containers fir on each deck.

  3. What is inside the containers? Is it hazardous, explosive or corrosive? Special considerations could be required. Contact our Customer Service Experts for assistance.

  4. We offers decks that hold multiple containers. For example, you can choose single decks, or decks that can accommodate 2, 4, 6 or 8 containers. If you need assistance in determining the type and size of deck you need, contact our Customer Service Experts.

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Ramp For 4 Drum Forkliftable Steel Platform Spill Deck

Ramp For 4 Drum Forkliftable Steel Platform Spill Deck

Product Code: FP46-RMP

Price: $304.00

Total actual cost of shipping this order to your location will be applied to your credit card

Optional ramp with a 1500 lb UDL (Uniformly Distributed Load) capacity is available for easy loading and unloading with the 4 drum forkliftable platform spill deck (SKU FP5151).

Forkliftable ramp
33" x 42" x 11.5"
1,500 lb
95 lb
33" L x 42" W x 10.5" H