Seamless Drum Liners

Seamless Drum Liners
  • Reduce drum cleaning and disposal costs
  • Eliminate product contamination
  • Ideal for reconditioned drums
Economical liners are vacuum-formed from FDA-Approved low density polyethylene (LDPE). The molded contoured top lip ensures a tight fit to the drum. Straight-Side Liners have a rigid smooth wall that is easy to insert and obtain full product recovery. Ideal for use with new drums. Pleated-Side Liners have "accordion" wall, adjust to fit drums of different heights; specially designed for use with reconditioned drums. Anti-Static Liners are molded with a special static-dissipating agent; ideal for use in flammable areas.

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55 Gallon Ultraliner - Straight Side - 18 mil

55 Gallon Ultraliner - Straight Side - 18 mil

Product Code: 059-7000

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This 18 mil LDPE liner for 55 gallon steel drums are the highest performance drum liners available. Strong enough to permit pumping with a follower plate and high speed mixing. Extra heavy blow molded LDPE. Paper thin top lip that snaps over the drum curl to prevent leakage won't interfere with proper drum sealing. This FDA compliant liner has smooth, heavy walls with no wrinkles or folds to trap contents. Temperature range: - 40º F to 175º F.

The ultimate form of protection for your product.

  • This liner is designed to pass the UN performance tests when re-certifying a drum
  • FDA compliant material
  • 55 Gallon Steel
    2 lb.
    22 1/2"
    34 1/2"


Note: Use of any liner in a UN certified drum or drum not originally equipped with the liner invalidates the manufacturer’s certification. User must re-certify the drum with the liner installed.