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Blankets / Insulators / Hot Boxes

Blankets / Insulators / Hot Boxes

Ways to Heat Your Containers and Keep them Warm

Heating jackets and heating blankets have flexible heating elements woven into insulating material. Hot boxes are an efficient way to warm one or more drums. Insulating blankets/quilts are not heaters but they keep containers warm. First, know what's to be heated.

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Full Coverage Insulated Drum Blanket

Full Coverage Insulated Drum Blanket

Product Code: FG-DI55

Price: $390.00

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The drum insulated blanket compliments a 55 gallon drum heater to reduce heat loss. This blanket heater has a silicone-impregnated surface to resist most chemicals and moisture. This insulated drum blanket does not have built-in heating elements; can be used over any silicone rubber heater. Withstands up to 500º F.

Blanket is 33 3/4 inch tall, fits 22 1/2 inch diameter 55 gallon drums.

20 lb
22 1/2"
33 3/4"