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Blankets / Insulators / Hot Boxes

Blankets / Insulators / Hot Boxes

Ways to Heat Your Containers and Keep them Warm

Heating jackets and heating blankets have flexible heating elements woven into insulating material. Hot boxes are an efficient way to warm one or more drums. Insulating blankets/quilts are not heaters but they keep containers warm. First, know what's to be heated.

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Wrap-Around Heater for Plastic IBC Tote Tank - 42 Inch H - 120V

Wrap-Around Heater for Plastic IBC Tote Tank - 42 Inch H - 120V

Product Code: THTR40-120

1-5 6 +
$2,060.65   $1,958.00  

Shipping: $5.95

Tote tanks and IBC Tanks containing slow moving product such as honey, molasses, lube oil or other non-hazardous liquids can be difficult to dispense, especially when stored in a cool area or when winter strikes. The wrap-around designed heater allows non-invasive heating and will not contaminate or scorch product.

The thermostat is adjustable 50-160° F, with two separate heating zones to help prevent product and heater damage. The wrap around heater is constructed of silicone impregnated cloth facing and liner filled with 1/4 inch fiberglass insulation. The heater blanket is held in place with adjustable nylon straps with buckles and has a small opening for valve accessibility. Supplied with a 6 foot power cord with standard plug: 120VAC - NEMA 5-15.

An optional insulated top cover (SKU THTR-TOP) is available for faster heat-up and efficient temperature maintenance.

Puts a lot of heating power into your IBC...and protects your product

  • Full coverage "plug and play" system
  • Fits plastic tote tanks 40 inch x 40 inch to 48 inch x 48 inch
  • 50 - 160 degree F
    50 lb