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Blankets / Insulators / Hot Boxes

Blankets / Insulators / Hot Boxes

Ways to Heat Your Containers and Keep them Warm

Heating jackets and heating blankets have flexible heating elements woven into insulating material. Hot boxes are an efficient way to warm one or more drums. Insulating blankets/quilts are not heaters but they keep containers warm. First, know what's to be heated.

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Powerblanket Insulated Drum Heaters - Preset Thermostat

Powerblanket Insulated Drum Heaters - Preset Thermostat

Product Code: PBL55-RR

Price: $575.95

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Rapid Ramp Heater doubles the watt density to quickly heat up to a maximum temperature of 100° F then automatically backs down to one-half power to maintain temperature. This automatic function is all internal and preset.

Powerblanket uniform heat spreading technology heats up faster, cools down slower, and uses much less electricity than conventional band heaters.

Use on plastic or steel 55 gallon drums. Powerblanket heaters come ready to use. Just unroll, wrap around your container, and plug into any 120V outlet. Supplied with adjustable straps to ensure proper fit on containers that vary slightly in size.

Get the job done faster and use less electricity!

  • Full coverage heaters require less wattage to obtain optimal heat
  • Certified to UL/CSA Safety Standards
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • 3.33/6.67
    55 gal.
    100 degrees F
    13 lb
    36" H x 82" L

In an indoor environment with an ambient temperature of 70° F, this heater will heat a 55 gallon plastic drum filled with 70° F water to 100° F in 5.5 hours. It would take two to three band heaters to equal the heating power of one (No Suggestions); heater. Rapid Ramp Heaters do not have an adjustable thermostat.