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Blankets / Insulators / Hot Boxes

Blankets / Insulators / Hot Boxes

Ways to Heat Your Containers and Keep them Warm

Heating jackets and heating blankets have flexible heating elements woven into insulating material. Hot boxes are an efficient way to warm one or more drums. Insulating blankets/quilts are not heaters but they keep containers warm. First, know what's to be heated.

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Pail Heating Jackets

Pail Heating Jackets

Product Code: 5-HJ

Price: $495.95

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The 5 gallon pail heating jacket incorporates a silicone-insulated spiral-wound resistance element housed in a composite nylon/coated glass cloth fabric. Heaters are fitted with adjustable retaining straps and quick release clips. The pail heating jacket has an adjustable thermostat, and plugs into a regular 120V outlet. Heaters never reach a temperature above 140º F and are safe for use with plastic pails.

Flexible and lightweight for go anywhere heating

  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Use with steel or plastic pails
  • CE Certified
  • 5 gallon pail heater
    32 - 140 degrees F
  • 6 lb