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Immersion / Specialty Heaters

Immersion / Specialty Heaters

Immersion Heaters offer Fast Heating and High Efficiency

Immersion Heaters have a heating element at their base and make direct contact with the contained liquid, which makes them an excellent choice for faster heating and higher efficiency. But, before you use an immersion or specialty heater you have to check the type of container and what temperature the contents can tolerate.

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Thermosafe Type A Induction Drum Heater

Thermosafe Type A Induction Drum Heater

Product Code: THERM55

Price: $5,689.85

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The Thermosafe® Induction Heater is a super-efficient drum heater that does not make contact with the drum and provides fast uniform heating. Simply place the heater over the 55 gallon or smaller steel container or lower into heater.

Induction heaters use a single coil within the cylinder’s wall, usually made from a glass reinforced resin. The coil generates heat uniformly around the container wall. Since there are no hot elements, the heater remains cooler than the drum being heated. Heater runs on single phase 240V, 50Hz AC power (direct wire).

Heating times depend on the contents. The rate of temperature rise of a typical viscous organic liquid will be about 15° C per hour.

Thermosafe® can be used in hazardous Zones 1 and 2 (IECEx / ATEX standards)

  • Fast melting of solids and heating of liquids
  • Allows mixing and dispensing while heating
  • Easy to clean, corrosion-proof and maintenance free
  • 18
    Thermosafe Induction drum heater
    250 degrees
    165 lb
    24 1/8"

There are several optional add-ons to this heater.

Powerlink Energy Regulator (SKU BF400): used when slower heating rates are required.

Ridgid Hat (SKU RTH): steel cap used to keep heat from escaping

Soft Hat (SKU STH): poly cap used to keep heat from escaping

Note: IECEx and ATEX are European directives that describe what equipment and work allowed in an environment with an explosive atmosphere.