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Immersion / Specialty Heaters

Immersion / Specialty Heaters

Immersion Heaters offer Fast Heating and High Efficiency

Immersion Heaters have a heating element at their base and make direct contact with the contained liquid, which makes them an excellent choice for faster heating and higher efficiency. But, before you use an immersion or specialty heater you have to check the type of container and what temperature the contents can tolerate.

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Heetgrid Immersion Heater - Stainless Steel

Heetgrid Immersion Heater - Stainless Steel

Product Code: PH492-2

Price: $309.00

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"Cold Riser” design hangs over the edge of the 5 gallon pail. Heating elements are contained in coil section to concentrate heat at the bottom of the vessel. For use with water-based solutions and must not be used with flammable or oil based liquids. Standard thermostat adjusts 70º - 250º F. Supplied with 6' cord with standard 3-prong plug. 

Put efficient heating power into your pails

  • Pail heater concentrates heat at bottom of 5 gallon steel pails
  • Polished 316 stainless steel heating element sheath
  • Pail heater
    70 - 250 degrees
    4 lb

Requires a liquid level of 5” minimum above the bottom heating coil.

Optional 120º - 570º F adjustable thermostat and 230V models are available by special order. Contact Customer Service at 918-427-3600 for details.