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Silicon Rubber Band

Silicon Rubber Band

Silicone Rubber Band Heaters

Silicone Rubber Band Heaters have electrical heating elements inside a rubber sheath, making them well suited to use with many types of plastic drums and pails.  Before you use a silicone rubber band heater, you need to know what type of drum or pail the contents are in and what temperature the contents can tolerate.

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Hazardous Area Drum Heaters - T4A Rating Class I Division II

Hazardous Area Drum Heaters - T4A Rating Class I Division II

Product Code: SRH55T-115-T4A

Price: $2,025.00

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This quality silicone rubber and fiberglass drum heater is moisture-proof for a durable long life. Simple spring and hook fastener for easy installation and removal. Adjustable dual set-point temperature controller assembly has a 6 foot cord with a standard 120V NEMA 5-15 plug. One set-point is set at a high temperature limit and connected to a red indicator light.

55 gallon
158° F high limit cut out
10 lb
22 5/16"

High limit thermostats are built-in to keep temperatures below the "T4A" rating, the auto-ignition temperature of the flammable product (National Electrical Code Article 501).

Built-in thermostat shuts off once surface temperature reaches 158° F and turns on again once surface temperature falls 10° or to 148° F. External thermostat may be set lower and will override the built-in. If external thermostat is set too high the built-in overrides it.

120V plug is rated NEMA 5-15 for hazardous use and FM Approved. Plug must be used with an appropriate receptacle to maintain the Hazardous Class I Division II rating the entire unit.