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Morse Drum Lifter

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MORSE Vertical-Lift Drum Pourer - Without Scale

MORSE Vertical-Lift Drum Pourer - Without Scale

Product Code: 510-115

Price: $6,765.00

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The MORSE® Vertical-Lift Drum Pourer is a 12V DC battery powered hydraulic lift and tilt system makes it simple to raise and tilt heavy drums. A vertical lifting track keeps drum reach constant through the full lift range. It makes dispensing into a vat, hopper, mixer, or other container (up to 60 inch) easier. This vertical lift includes the MORCinch feature which is designed to automatically adjust for 22 inch to 23 1/2 inch diameter steel or plastic drums.

This pourer has a 1500 lb drum capacity or an 800 lb half drum capacity. A half full drum will be unbalanced and bottom heavy so when you tilt it, the load shifts differently than if it were a full drum.

Options available include: Drum diameter adapter for handling smaller drum, Bracket (Product code 4556-P) or Rum Clamp (Product code 4560-P) for handling plastic drums, and the MORStop Tilt-Brake which automatically stops and holds the tilt angle of the drum.

1500 lbs.
800 lbs.