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Drum Grabbers

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Auto Grip - Drum Grabber - Unlined Jaw

Auto Grip - Drum Grabber - Unlined Jaw

Product Code: 6165

Price: $452.95

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Auto Grip mechanical fork lift attachment was designed for use with 55 gallon plastic drums (22" - 24" diameter). The 3 inch jaw fits snugly under the top rim of full or empty plastic drums.

The Auto Grip drum grabber allows a single operator to pick up, transport and unload empty or full drums up to 1000 lb. It secures to the lift truck with heavy duty T-bolts.

Spring-and-cam actuated jaws grip with pressure equal to the weight of the drum automatically as the plastic drum with top rim is lifted and then released when the drum is set down. Drum grabber jaws are 3 inch wide x 15 inch long.

The distance between the forks is 17 inch - 21 inch. 

Usable fork tube size measures 1-5/8 inch H x 5-5/8 inch W and 16 3/4 inch L.

1500 lb
Plastic drum grabber
55 gallon plastic drums (22" -24" diameter)
103 lb