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Drum Grabbers

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Value Drum Grabber - Adjustable

Value Drum Grabber - Adjustable

Product Code: SAVG-53

Price: $395.00 Per EACH

Total actual cost of shipping this order to your location will be applied to your credit card

This Drum Grabber manually adjusts to fit one 30 or 55 gallon steel drum. These versatile drum grabbers are easy to use; just slide and lock onto forks without any tools.

Operator drives up to the drum with raised forks, lowering the forks while moving forward. Curved arms engage and hold the drum tightly as the forks are raised for transport.

To release the drum, return it to the floor, lowering the drum grabber slowly as you pull back.

1000 lb
30 or 55 gallon adjustable drum grabber
5.5" x 2"
115 lb
5 1/2"
41 3/4"