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Screw Caps for Metal Cans

Screw Caps for Metal Cans
All styles have SolvSeal liner
Silver color metal screw caps have SolvSeal® liner. Brush-top Caps have horsehair bristle. Bent-brush design allows user to obtain every last drop of product.

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28 mm - Black Phenolic Cap With Cone Insert

28 mm - Black Phenolic Cap With Cone Insert

Product Code: 28-400PH

Price: $0.85

Shipping: $5.95

The durable phenolic cap has a wide range of chemical compatibility and is one of the most temperature tolerant plastic closures. Phenolic caps are designed to form an exceptionally tight seal. The ribbed sides provide easy gripping to twist on and off.

This cap has a cone insert liner made of low density polyethylene (LDPE). The cone insert (poly-cone) provides a wedge-type seal across the top of the container as well as the inside diameter. The phenolic cap with cone insert with its excellent sealing capability is commonly used for liquid products.

Chemical Resistant Phenolic