Maintenance Free Air-Drive Pumps

Maintenance Free Air-Drive Pumps
  • Recovers coolant, sludge and chips, liquid spills
  • Transfers non-flammable liquids up to 40 GPM
  • No moving parts
Unique pump/vacuum system operates on 80 psi compressed air. Attaches quickly to the 2" bung of any tight-head steel drum. Stainless steel/PVC/aluminum construction with no moving parts. Automatic shut-off valve prevents overfilling. Includes 10’ flexible hose, 2 extension wands, crevice tool, skimmer tool and floor tool. Vacuum-Only Pump is perfect for liquid recovery from sumps and machinery drip pans, spill cleanup. Dual-Mode Pump will empty or fill a drum. Simple control knob switches between pump and vacuum. Pump liquid at 30 GPM, vacuums at up to 40 GPM. Spill Recovery Kit easily recovers liquids from floors. Includes sturdy 1-piece 54" ABS wand and 14" double blade squeegee tool.

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Dual-mode pump

Product Code: 6191

Price: $435.00 Per Each

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Weight - 10 lbs