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Drum Caddy

  • Easy to attach and use
  • Models for 30 and 55 gallon drums
Capacity 1000 lbs. Transport filled drums and dump with this unique drum caddy. Steel band clamps securely around drum. Truck forks slide into pivoting stirrups for moving and tilting. Standard Model has 1" diameter solid pivot pins and specially designed overcenter latch. Slide-on fork stirrups accept forks up to 3" x 5". Heavy Duty Model has 1-13/16" diameter tubular pivot pins, alloy chain and forged steel loadbinder clamp. Fork sleeves are positively secured to forks with T-handle, accept forks up to 2-1/2" x 5-1/2". Supplied with retainer chain that hooks to top of drum for easy installation of caddy.

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Drum Caddy - 55 Gallon

Drum Caddy - 55 Gallon

Product Code: DB55

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The Drum Caddy is designed for drum handling with a forklift. Designed for safety, the manual handling of drums is greatly reduced with this drum caddy. 

Transport filled 55 gallon steel drums and dump with this unique drum caddy. The steel band slips over your drum and is fastened with a specially designed over center latch. The forklift forks slide threw the unique 5 inch x 3 inch pivoting fork stirrups, allowing you to tilt your drums for ease of dispensing.

  • For steel drums only
  • 55 gallon drums with 22 inch - 22 1/2 inch diameter
  • 1000 lb
  • 55 gallon
  • 20 lb