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Pail Shipping Cartons

  • Eliminates the $5.00 UPS "Additional Handling Charge"
  • For all 5 gallon open-head and tight-head steel and plastic pails.
  • Exceeds UPS specifications
  • 275 pound test double wall corrugated carton Triangular insert used to secure tight-head steel or plastic pails
The Ergo-Pak™ Pail Shipping System eliminates the "Additional Handling Charge" imposed by UPS for unboxed pails. Specially located hand holes are ergonomically positioned on the sides of the package for easy lifting and handling. It exceeds UPS requirements and protects pails from damage. A special additional insert is used for tight-head pails.

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Ergo-Pak Pail Shipping Boxes

Ergo-Pak Pail Shipping Boxes

Product Code: UPS5GBX

Price: $1.95 Per each

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 Ship 5 gallon steel or plastic pails and avoid "Additional Handling Charges" for unboxed pails from UPS or FedEx.

The box is specially designed for all 5 gallon pails and uses 2 corrugated inserts (SKU UPS121214-TI) to hold the pail tightly in place. Ergonomically positioned hand holes are located on the sides for easy lifting and handling.

Our Ergo-Paks™ help protect pails from damage. Pails sold separately. The Ergo-Pak™ is for shipping non regulated material. The cartons are manufactured to have a higher gross weight limit than standard double wall cartons. 

  • Ergonomically positioned hand holes for easy lifting
  • For 5 gallon steel and plastic pails
  • Ship non-hazardous liquids
  • Eliminate Fed-Ex and UPS additional handling charges
Note: This carton is certified to have an Edge Crush Test (ECT) rating of 48 pounds per inch and a gross weight limit of 100 lb (shippers will not accept packages that exceed the weight limits stamped on the box). As with any carton, it will not enhance or improve the integrity or performance of the pail being shipped within the carton. 

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