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First Response Spill Kits

Spill kits can save you money in clean up costs and reduce environmental damage. The difference between a minor incident and a major environmental disaster can hinge on your choice of spill-kit materials and the speed of your response.

Oils, fuels, solvents and chemicals require different types of absorbents, while flammable spills demand special planning. Our First Response Spill Kits prepare you for immediate response in areas where spills are most likely to occur,

There are a wide variety of spill kits available to suit most spill situations, which can help you to avoid costly cleanups and potential fines.

The First Response Spill Kits come pre-packed with ready-to-use absorbents in easy to move and convenient-to-store, resealable, twist-top containers.

The spill kits are available in 5- to 95-gallon containers, and including socks, pads, disposable bags/ties, labels, gloves, goggles, guidebook and more.

The 95-gallon kit includes a dolly for fast and convenient transport to the spill.

Customized kits, with your choice of product, are also available.

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